Makeup is something most of us apply every day whether we spend minutes or hours applying. On average a woman spends 474 days of their lifetime applying cosmetics so you might as well get it right! This is where I come in. I offer lessons based upon you & your lifestyle, whether you’re a full-time mummy who only has 10 minutes to get ready before your toddler ends up eating your favourite MAC lipstick or you’re a makeup junkie who wants the full glam that stays on throughout a night of dancing. 


During the lesson we will cover a look chosen by yourself or I can recommend a look for you based upon my professional opinion. The lesson can be taught by applying makeup directly to yourself or you can bring a model. Technique, tools & kit will be covered across the lesson & I can give you my honest opinion on products I think you should purchase in order to achieve the look you want. This is great a great way if you’re looking to replenish your makeup bag, often on cosmetic counters the sales person’s opinion will be biased to the counter their working on. I also offer masterclasses where a group of people can come together to watch a demonstration on a model, a fun way for everyone to learn!


Lesson on one look                 £50

Lesson on two look's               £80

Masterclass for a group           Available upon request 

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